“Regardless of the technology challenge, 808 Partners has the background and resources to address the challenge and provide the best solution.”

Public Company CEO

Mobile App Launch


Took an idea from a dream to a reality for a mobile dating app. As consulting CTO, assisted with product design and built development team to deliver multi-platform mobile solution. Application architecture uses JSON web services and native iOS/Swift and Android Java client. App offered as a freemium model with subscriptions and micro-transactions. Worldwide adoption with over 180,000 users.

Start-up Pitch Deck


As Consulting COO, built investor pitch deck for $2M capital raise. Developed story line, performed competitive research, performed graphic design and delivered final deck to client. Pitch deck was used throughout the first external round delivered to dozens of private investors. Format was built around lightning round pitches averaging 12 minutes of pitch and 8 minutes of Q&A.  Delivered to multiple angel investment groups throughout California.

Start-up Fundraising


Led negotiations for client on angel investment capital raise. Successfully identified final investor, built pitch deck and developed market valuation based on industry competitive comps. Final terms negotiated exceeded client expectations and projected a very positive return for the investor.  From start to finish, investment was secured within 90 days of initiating search and creating deck.

Mobile Product Manager


Assumed product manager role for 3rd party development team. Moved a development project back on track after a one-year delay. Instituted daily stand-ups using agile and scrum with off-shore development team. Used Jira for issue tracking and Crashlytics for testing native mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Actively led product testing efforts to ensure expectations were set for high quality deliverables.

“Successful projects all begin with great planning.”

Social Media Marketing


A comprehensive social media strategy includes content distribution to multiple channels. A mobile app client is reaching their target demographic through proprietary content written 808 Partners’  journalism talent. This content is blogged and shared across social media platforms for reach and engagement. An original advertising budget and social media calendar are reviewed weekly with the client to ensure strategies are delivering the desired results.

Help Desk Implementation


We have helped multiple clients embrace the latest technologies for help desk management. Although new software-as-a-service platforms simplify procurement, the underlying principles and disciplines of incident and problem management still require expertise to properly configure. Ensure that your customers provide you with top ratings for your customer service with a successful implementation of a new help desk.

Product Demo


Engage your prospects and customers with animated product demo videos. The App Stores support video formats to help improve product sales with a compelling demo of major benefits. Off-load your customer support needs by including setup and configuration videos on your website. 808 Partners is ready to help you storyboard your demo and create compelling content to dazzle your customers and keep you ahead of your competition.

Product Commercial


808 Partners’ video production team can create commercial 4K content. We will supply an entire team to take you from concept to production, including writers, directors, producers, editors, as well as audio and video technicians. We will coordinate all aspects of the shoot from talent auditions to locations and permitting through post-production. Don’t let the complexity of shooting a video keep you from reaching your dreams.

Projects are either successes or failures, there is nothing in between.

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